2018. május 25. , 18:41
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Gödöllő, the town with heart

In the past six months the world has well learned the name of the city of Gödöllő - thanks to the EU Presidency. But the city council wants to see this popularity not to diminish in the future among the tourists willing to visit Gödöllő. Therefore they prepared an „image-movie” that was first presented for the city's first residents on the evening of 20th of August.

Numerous famous buildings of Gödöllő appear in the „image-movie”, such as the Royal Palace where Queen Elizabeth and Maria Theresa spent many solemn days, the Basilica of Máriabesnyő, the new Life (World) Tree, the recently renovated Grassalkovich filagory and the Royal Waiting Hall. The well-known monuments, the city's rich cultural programs also manifest themselves in the film, and of course the gastronomy cannot stay away.

Városimázs filmek
Filmek - A Szecesszió Éve Gödöllőn